Atlantis Series

Premium cruise line with deluxe features

Experience the definition of luxury, beauty, and convenience with the iconic custom-built Atlantis premium cruiser from Landau. You won't find a better water time recreation cruiser than this deluxe, feature-rich vessel with a pilot's console, exceptional vinyl upholstered furniture, and an extra spacious, color-matched bimini top that will provide you with plenty of shade.

Atlantis 220

Get ready for a leisurely cruise or an exciting jaunt across the lake with the Atlantis 220, a 22-ft. boat from the Atlantis Series. This boat is packed with standard amenities and ready to provide your crew with hours of cruising fun and enjoyment.


Deck Length 22 feet
Weight (Lbs) 2007 Basic / 2202 Tri-log
Max Passengers 11 Basic / 12 Tri-Log
Max Capacity (Lbs) 2138 Basic / 2462 Tri-log
Max Horsepower 130 Basic / 150 Tri-log / 225 Brutus + HHP


Atlantis 230

Are you looking to bring your "A game" to the lake? Look no further than the Atlantis 230, a top seller! This boat offers plenty of seating, various customization options, and optimal performance based on the motor you choose. Plus, you’ll benefit from the GPS, luxurious Landau-made Atlantis Custom seating, and the included Bluave® sound system. Enjoy quality and luxury cruising with the Atlantis 230.

Deck Length 23 feet
Weight (Lbs) 2134 basic / 2340 tri-log
Max Passengers 11 basic / 13 tri-log
Max Capacity (Lbs) 2239 basic / 2592 tri-log
Max Horsepower 130 basic / 150 Tri-log / 300 Brutus + HPP


Atlantis 240

Experience the Atlantis Special Custom Interiors and powerful Bluave® sound system of the 240. Reap the rewards of the performance and robustness of all Atlantis Series boats. As a special bonus, you'll have an additional foot of deck space in the back of the boat - the perfect spot for a bit of fishing, an optional diving board, or simply the freedom to move around while at anchor.

Deck Length 24 feet
Weight (Lbs) 2263 basic / 2480 tri-log
Max Passengers 12 basic / 13 tri-log
Max Capacity (Lbs) 2266 basic / 2722 tri-log
Max Horsepower 130 basic / 150 tri-log / 300 Brutus + HHP


Atlantis 250

The Atlantis 250 is a powerful, reliable boat perfect for hosting groups of people. It can cruise quietly at low RPMs, or with a larger engine. With the Landau Tri-Log package, you can race across the water with ease. Perfect for family and friend outings, the Atlantis 250 is the ideal boat for fun in the water.

Deck Length 25 feet
Weight (Lbs) 2392 basic / 2620 tri-log
Max Passengers 12 basic / 14 tri-log
Max Capacity (Lbs) 2312 basic / 2851 tri-log
Max Horsepower 130 basic / 150 tri-log / 350 Brutus + HHP


Atlantis Series Features


Enjoy a Lifetime Limited Warranty for the Original Purchaser on All Components Listed Below

Pontoons and Structure

Our pontoon logs, aluminum undercarriage, and motor pods come with a lifetime limited warranty for the original purchaser, so you can be sure that all structural defects in materials and workmanship are covered!

Aluminum Railing

Our pontoon tubular railing, made of all aluminum, provides a lifetime limited warranty for the original purchaser against any structural defects in both materials and workmanship.

Wood Decking

A lifetime limited warranty against structural defects in materials and workmanship is provided to all wood decking original purchasers.

Seat Back and Base

Enjoy peace of mind with our lifetime limited warranty on all seat frames against defects in materials and workmanship for the original purchaser.

All other original components carry a 5-Year Stem to Stern Limited Warranty.

Landau provides a Lifetime Limited Warranty on its structural items, and a 5-Year Limited Warranty to protect the original owner from defects in materials and workmanship for all other original components. If any original part or component is found to be defective within five years of purchase, Landau will repair or replace the item at the Landau facility in Lebanon, MO or an authorized repair center, with pre-approval from Landau. Transportation charges are not included in this Limited Warranty program. This Limited Warranty does not cover results of abuse, damage or normal use.

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